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Conceptions of the Mature Personality from Dr. Graves' Research

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"Psychologically mature human behavior is that mental behavior that enables a human being not only to survive but also to succeed and win over his environment. The psychologically mature person is the one that fate has endowed with the natural human qualities to rise above the conditions of his being and to impose control over it and modify it as he sees fit regardless of what others think. Being an animal, the human being possesses certain natural qualities normal for his species. He is temperamental and impulsive, and thus given to violence, passion, stubbornness and irrational actions. He desires to mate but not just to produce children. He fights life as it is and he works most to survive.

He senses that he is alone and endangered and seeing strength in numbers, he seeks to fit others to the needs of himself. The drive for self-preservation is instilled in him and the only way to be what he is, is to be selfish, placing his needs before all others with the "possible" exception of his own family. He must overcome his fears and inhibitions to his won satisfaction.

He must fulfill his primal lusts and desires. A human being free from guilt and frustrations closely approaches the ideal of the mature personality. Unhampered expression of the impulses might lead to his destruction but it is necessary to his health. He must not temper his striving for pleasure. He performs when he is motivated for not to do would leave him less than a man. He is free from the threats and negative reactions of others and does not fear for his own psyche. In other worlds he is confident of being a law unto himself, the source and inspiration of all of his actions and of good for others."

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