10.  SD with Political and Economic Forms

8 – GLOBAL-VIEW HOLISTIC (whole-Earth networks and interconnections- Macro management of all lifeforms toward common good in response to macro problems. Earth’s resources and learning distributed by need, not want, so all  survive with enough.
7 – FLEX-FLOW INTEGRATED STRUCTURES(stratified systems in System intelligence) - Process of integrating the majority of interests in expediting flows up the Spiral. Simultaneous value-added moves  throughout Spiral for higher quality  of being to next steps.
6 – HUMAN-BOND COMMUNITARIAN (social democracy,equal rights/results)
Everybody shares equally in making consensus decisions to care for "we the people’.
Communally-based distribution meets human needs before any  benefit from excess or profit.
5 – STRIVE-DRIVE ENTERPRISE(multi party states,bill of rights)- Give-and-take pluralistic politics within a check-and -balance game of economics. Free market-driven process where  the ‘invisible hand’ of economy  sets pay, price, perks.
4 – TRUTH-FORCE AUTHORITARIAN (one-party rule- government control)- Justice and fairness for the right, good people who follow rules and traditions. Basic standard of living will be  raised through hard work, discipline, and savings.
3 – POWER-GODS EMPIRE(dictatorial perhaps ‘corrupt’autocratic strong are tactics) - Whatever the Big Boss says. Power to the people means to the Boss and chosen few Feudal distribution system where the rich elites get richer while the poor get poorer.
2 – KIN-SPIRITS TRIBE(clan councils and lineage connections) - What ‘our people’ decide to do. Announced by the chief and guided by the elders and spirits Mutual reciprocity and barter. Chief distributes based on need through kinship.
1 – SURVIVAL-SENSE BAND- No concept of governance Little exchange. Eat when hungry. Few possessions.

BECK, DON E. AND COWAN, CHRISTOPHER C. SPIRAL DYNAMICS: Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change. Blackwell Publishers, 1996, page 315.


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