of the

Mature Adult Personality 

in Operation

#1 Conception of a 17 year old American male with 8-12 years education who is somewhat familiar with the Graves work.



cares for all, those that need the care and those who aready have an ample amount of love around them

#2  Conception of a 52 year old American male with MA/MS degrees who is new to the Graves work:


A mature person is:

- able and willing to articulate clearly--to him/herself and others--what s/he thinks, feels, and wants;

- able and willing to listen openly as others articulate what they think, feel, and want;

- and able and willing to combine these into a new synthesis that may include and transcend elements of both.

#3 Conception of a 44 year old American male with graduate school education who is somewhat familiar with the Graves' model: the mature personality in operation. The mature personality realizes the inter-related nature of all beings and realizes that in the core of each being is a shared ontology or self. The mature personality is unattached to the objects of experience, yet also celebrates the existence of those objects. The mature personality celebrates life while being rooted in the Stillness beyond life. The mature personality is beyond religion, yet is spiritual.

#4 Conception of a female: sense for our lives


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