The commons dilemma revisited: an experimental inquiry linking trustworthiness, moral conscience, and willingness to cooperate.
Leandro Frederico Ferraz Meyer. 
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (Saarbrücken, Germany) 2010 ISBN: 978-3-8383-4035-7

[Based on Meyer, Leandro Frederico Ferraz, "The commons dilemma revisited: toward an integral approach," dissertation, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, MG, 2006.]

 "The latest developments in institutional analysis of social dilemmas convey a growing attention given to cognition, belief systems, valuations, and language. Yet, the developments in this field operate almost entirely under epistemological assumptions that deny cognitive content to "value judgments" or "moral questions," over and above to whatever form of spiritual knowledge. This standpoint challenges the significance of the developmental psychology's perspective on moral choices and undercuts the recognition of its implications to explain behavior in morally relevant conflicts of action. In this study, I reframe the inquiry into social dilemmas using Graves/Spiral Dynamics' conception of the development of the adult personality to explain the choices and the motivations of Brazilian subjects participating in different collective action problems with variable incentives structures. Ken Wilber's Integral Theory is used to string the cognitivist developmental conception implied in both Graves and Habermas's account of human sociability together with the Bloomington School's instrumental account of "epidemic choices" and the role of communication to solve social dilemmas. In agreement with the developmental psychology's central claim, the experimental results suggest that egocentrism decreases and that willingness to cooperate increases with the stages of inner growth. The book should be especially valuable to scholars, and anyone else, interested in elucidate how the interplay among values systems, trustworthiness, and willingness to cooperate operates, and how it matters to solve social dilemmas."

                                                                              Leandro F.F. Meyer, 2010

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