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THE FIRST BEING LEVEL - The A'-N' or Systemic Existential State

Theme: Express self for what self desires and others need, but never at the expense of others, and in a manner that all life, not my life, will profit.

This is the first system in the second spiral of existence. In this system, sheer organismic life is threatened by the rape of the world by the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th subsistence levels. Thus, the A problems are problems such as the need to substitute for depleting natural resources, overpopulation, too much individuality, and the like -- problems which require tremendous change in thinking of human kind in order to solve them. This is accomplished by a marked activation of previously uncommitted cells in the brain. These cells of the Y system in the brain combine with the basic coping cells to form the first of the second order coping systems, that is, N + some Y = NO.

Because of its prime characteristics, dissolution of fear and compulsiveness and marked increases in conceptual space, seventh level thinking cannot be readily empathized with by other people.

This type of thinking still involves anxieties, worries, and concerns, even some fears, but not in a manner bothersome to the person. No need is felt to overcome them. They do not intrude. One lives comfortably with them, tries to deal with them, but does not feel compelled to master them, though still thinking it would be nice if they were gone. Ambition is shown, but there is not ambitiousness. Anger, even hostility, is present, but it is intellectually used rather than just emotionally displayed. one directs it, rather than its-directing the self.

Concern is felt, but solutions do not have to be.

Care for others is displayed, but one does not feel compelled to care for. Things done well is prefeered, but things not done well does not mean the end of the world.

Knowledge in AN thinking exists in different settings and knowers think in different ways. Thus, thinking is in terms of several legitimate interpretations and several sets of values are legitimate, depending on the thinker and his/her conditions of and for existence.

The world is seen kaliedoscopically with different views demanding different attention. AIN' thinking is in terms of the systemic whole and thought is about the different wholes in different ways. Thought strives to ascertain which way of thinking or which combination of ways fits the extant set of conditions.

Thinking is in terms of what is best for the survival of life, my life, their lives, and all life, but not compulsively; and what is best for me or thee does not have to be best for she or them. My way does not have to be yours, nor yours mine, yet I have very strong convictions about what is my way, but never such about yours.

They think in terms of authority being centered in the person in terms of his/her capacity to act in this or that situation. It is not derived from age, status, blood, etc. It is situational. It must be earned and it must be given over to the superior competence of another. Thinks in terms of competence, not trappings.

Thought is of being there to help and helping if helping is desired, but not helping to straighten out, to shape up, to gain power or control over.

Sees life in terms of life continuing hereafter, not in terms of my life continuing in a hereafter. Accepts and lives with the fact of differences and that one is relating to people who are different. Shows readiness to live with differences.

Accepts that life is an up-and-down journey from problem to solution, with no mean point ever to be found.

Spawns a variable management form wherein managed and managing change according to the fit between problem and competencies to deal with problems.

First appeared about 30-35 years ago.

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