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THE FIRST SUBSISTENCE LEVEL - The A-N or Autistic Existential State

Theme: Express self as if just another animal according to the dictates of one's imperative physiological needs and the environmental possibilities.

Thinks in an autistic, that is, need-satisfying, wish-fulfillment manner. Lives a herd-based, automatic, reflexological, undifferentiated-from-other-animals form of existence.

No true self-awareness, no awareness of self as differentiated from others. Imperative need-based concept of time; no concept of space beyond home territory; no concept of Gods or God, the universe, or the like.

Motivated by the tensions of the imperative, periodic, physiological needs.

Shows no organized or oriented planned work effort. Has no concept of leadership. Effort is expended in response to immediate needs or desires if awake and plays when surfeited.

Has a physiological, imperative need-based concept of time, cause, space, and materiality which are of very limited character.

The system by which all lived 40,000 or more years ago. Still exists in viable and functioning form today, though most often found today in pathological cases. Exists today in conditions of existence which provide for automatic satisfaction of the A-level problems of existence, the problems of individual and race survival -problems which are sensed, processed, and reacted to through the automatic equipment of the N neurological system, the neuro system specifically attuned to processing imperative, physiological need information. Learns through the process of habituation, the learning process which automatically signals the on-off character of need. Responds only to change in intensity of need, not to patterning of need.

A state which cannot be assessed by verbal means.

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