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William R. Lee                                                                                      March 2001


The Implications to Management 
Systems- Ethical Theory

- Clare W. Graves -
November 11, 1962

I am aware that some of you may have read an early version of the theory upon which my remarks will be based. That early version was not cast in the more precise form which I shall follow tonight, therefore let me outline for you how we shall proceed.

First, the theoretical model for research into ethical behavior will be presented. Then, I will speculate as to the nature of ethical behavior with the speculations based on the model. And, finally I will speak of the implications of this theory to the managerial profession. But, before I proceed to the body of the paper let me explain a little of the background of this work.

I do not know, at this time, to what degree there is substance in the theory.
What I do know is this:

  1. I know that one can read all that has been written about ethical behavior and end up unable to understand it.
  2. I know that if reasonably sound scientific knowledge of ethical behavior is to be sought, no existing research model is producing this knowledge.
  3. I know that unless we gain more insight into ethical behavior, we wonít have to worry about manís ethics, because we wonít have any men left to worry about.
  4. I know that this state of affairs came to haunt me when I set out a few years ago to learn what I could of ethical behavior.
  5. I know that the following are my assumptions, generalizations, and hypotheses to date. I am not sure what my assumptions, generalizations and hypotheses will be tomorrow. But where I stand today is this.

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